Maya, Sir Chief exchange ‘I love you’s’
Wed, May 1, 2013

MANILA, Philippines — A preview aired Friday showing an exchange of “I love you’s” between Sir Chief (Richard Yap) and Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) in an upcoming episode of “Be Careful With My Heart” caused a stir among online followers of the “kilig-serye”.

After Friday’s episode of the top-rating daytime series, a preview of its episode scheduled to air on Monday showed Sir Chief and Maya talking on the phone.

Saying goodbye, the widowed businessman tells the nanny-turned-flight attendant, “I love you,” prompting Maya to respond the same.

Pinoy netizens who caught the preview on Friday stormed micro-blogging site Twitter to air their reaction to the scene — which is seen as yet another “milestone” for the characters, after their Twitter-trending first “kiss,” first date, and the first time Sir Chief said “I love you” to his former nanny.

The unfolding love story between the two characters has already spanned 9 months to date, with an extension of the top-rating series reported to be in the works.
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